Justice League Unlimited S1E12 & 13: “The Once and Future Thing” – Mini Review

The first season of Justice League Unlimited goes out with a huge two-parter!

Batman, Batman, and Batman!

I re-watched Star Crossed (the three-episode movie at the end of Justice League) to gain some perspective on the relationships in JLU.  The old series ended with Hawkgirl in disgrace, branded a traitor but confessing her unrequited love for Green Lantern (who, unknown to her, loved her back).  Now that Hawkgirl is back in the League, old GL has to figure out whether or not it’s meant to be.  He’s currently dating the ultra-hot supermodel Vixen.  Hmmm…supermodel non-traitor…or dumpy has-been spy?  Tough choice.

Green Lantern gets some relationship advice from his FUTURE SON when Batman, Wonder Woman, and he go time-hopping to chase Chronos (an inventor with a time portal-creating belt).  In the first episode, they go back to the American West and team up with El Diablo and Jonah Hex to take down some bad guys with future tech.  In episode two, they go 50 years into their future and meet up with Terry McGinnis (Batman Beyond) and an old Static Shock, along with Warhawk – the son of Green Lantern and Hawkgirl!  DUN DUN DUNNNN…

This dual episode is awesome.  There’s time travel, alternate futures, Batman teaming up with old Batman, and the Beyond characters getting more play.  Chronos himself is an amazingly well-written character.  He is a weak-willed loser who is constantly defeated by his wife, the heroes, regular people, etc – but as time passes he becomes a supervillain who kills and manipulates with his powers.  The progression is really awesome, and his ultimate fate is pretty nasty.

This is one of the better stories I have seen so far – it’s original, got great characters and sets up relationships for season two of JLU.

9 / 10 “Do you know what killed the dinosaurs?  Well, Chucko knows.”


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