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Check out the Shark Knights, a young adult book series perfect for anyone that enjoys comics, cartoons, or movies with lots of explosions.  Available on paperback and ebook on Amazon.

The sequel to Shark Knights has arrived!  Shark Knights: Dead End

A warrior race from another universe has sent their best soldier to Earth. His mission: destroy all opposition and enslave the world.

Making matters worse, the alien has recruited the toughest villains on the planet to help him. Only the Shark Knights stand in their way. The team of adventurous super heroes has always prevailed over evil in the past. But they’ve never encountered a force so ruthless, or lethal. During the struggle, friendships are shattered, an underground predator rises up and a mysterious tournament invites anyone who dares to test their fate. Will the Knights be able to save the world, or have they reached a dead end? (This is the second book in the Shark Knights series)

Buy Shark Knights: Dead End here.

Check out the first book in the series – Shark Knights!

Being a member of the Shark Knights, the world’s elite superhero team, can be tough. It means facing off against shadow zombies, fire tornados and an ancient nightmare that enjoys eating people. While the Knights slug it out with the worst villains around, a sinister organization secretly plots to destroy them.
Get the Shark Knights here

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Illustrations by Dexter Morrill.  Check out more of his work at

And here’s one for free!

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 Read all about your favorite Mortal Kombat characters back when they were in 5th grade. No fatalities, but plenty of wedgies.

Click here for the free Mortal Kombat Playground pdf.

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