Jumpmen Animated!

Our friend (and super fan) Kevin Smets made an animated version of our podcast!


What If The Lone Ranger Was a Badass?

A year ago, I said if someone gave me the Lone Ranger dvd, I’d recut the movie into something a little more fun. Kevin Smets sent me the dvd. My music video version shows what he would look like if he basically became the Punisher in the old west.


Batman Movie Cards (1989) Unboxing!

DIE-RYM 02: Nether Castle EXPLORE

DIE-RYM 01: Crude Castle

Chad’s offline Survival adventures in Minecraft have come a long way.  Here is a brief tour (death and danger abound!) of his current digs, mines, and NPC village.

Chad Guest-Stars on Elder Geek’s Game Club

Chad has been busy crafting on Elder Geek’s Minecraft server.  This week’s EG Game Club talks about Minecraft from 4 very different perspectives, including a father and his daughter, a hater, a total n00b and a 2-year vet.

Minecraft: Fort Kickass

After weeks of struggling on his own without a FAQ, Chad gets the golden ticket to play on Elder Geek’s multiplayer server – codenamed: FORT KICKASS.

Let’s Suck @ Minecraft!

Chad vows to take on the uber-hard Minecraft without a manual, FAQ, or help outside of YouTube comments.

New York Comic Con video (1 minute of awesome)                                      

Dear Girl Gamers: Why Guys Are A-Holes Online 

Top Ten Mirror Matches

Mass Effect 3: The Illusion of Choice

Top Five Female Fighters

Mass Effect 3 – First Impressions!

Mass Effect 2 – 5 Playthroughs!

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