ep 300: Episode 300 THE END

Our Best & Worst Moments, Ghostbusters VR Experience Review

Click here to download the full episode – 300: Episode 300 THE END

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4 Responses to ep 300: Episode 300 THE END

  1. Mayor_poopshoot says:

    Fuck, I miss you guys so much 😥 You to have been such a big part of my life for 5 years. One of my favorite forms of entertainment, regardless of the format. Even now I listen to all your old episodes. I even have all of your lost episodes from 32 on wards. Respect to both of you.

    • Thanks dude! I miss interacting with all the Maniacs on FB every week. It was a lot of work but I’m glad we had a positive effect on the world, if even for a few years.

      Looking back on this final episode, Eric did get his wish (his new podcast reaches 57 episodes and counting soon) and I got my wish by quitting everything (film fest, podcast, etc) to focus on family and work. It’s been going great for everybody IRL.

      If you have those “lost” episodes, I would love to get a copy!


      – chad

  2. Mayor_poopshoot says:

    All your lost podcasts are here, intact 😉 http://freeair.viaway.com/view/21866569/ep-08-jump-the-shark

    I Just got a Wii U (5 years late) and am listing to your old episodes where you review mario kart + DLC, hyrule warriors, splatoon. etc. You made me buy them all pretty much. It’s a nice companion listen. If you still have your Wii U, hit me up, i’d love to play some mario kart with you dude!

    • Thank you very much for the link! I sold all my Wii-U stuff to get a PS4, I was tired of waiting for Breath of the Wild and needed a console for Persona 5. Glad you are enjoying it, all of Big N’s 1st party games are amazing as usual. I’ll be at MAGFest like usual every year if you want to thrown down some Mario Kart. We stopped our usual family tournament after the DLC came out for MK8…it was a bit anti-climactic. Still, great memories and it’s hilarious that that particular machine is still super hot on the emu scene. I look forward to more PSVR games at the moment and the DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn (so goood)!


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