Justice League Unlimited S1E11: “Wake the Dead” Mini-Review

A totally pointless episode that only serves the over-arching season plot!

Old Yeller, you havta die.

Head Writer: “Okay, in order for X, Y, and Z to happen, we need Hawkgirl back on the team and GET RID OF THE OVERPOWERED ANDROID.”

Writer: “Can’t we use Amazo in a creative way that pushes all the characters forward-”

Head Writer: “JUST GET RID OF HIM.”

—– Actual JLU Script —–

Amazo: “I must go, my home planet needs me!”  aka Goodbye Forever

Hawkgirl: “Inexplicably, I have returned for no good reason.”

Grundy: “My body wasn’t ready.  Urrg.”

Old Yeller: “They referenced me!”

Let’s check off the ole JLU standards:  Superman get beat up?  CHECK.  Someone breaks Green Lantern’s power?  CHECK.  At least this one had a creepy ending – Hawkgirl has to kill her old pal Grundy in order to get back in good graces with humanity and the Justice League.  They basically require her to murder him – there are so many possible options available but when every single League member says “YOU MUST KILL HEEEM!” so she has to sacrifice both Grundy and her morals to come back.

It doesn’t feel right for her character to compromise.  After watching Hawkgirl struggle to come to terms with betraying the League and turning her back on her Hawk-people, maybe it’s almost comforting to follow orders again.  Who knows?  At the end of this pointless episode, Hawkgirl is back, Grundy is seemingly dead (but he’s a zombie so nothing really changed) and Amazo is gone.  Blah.

5 / 10 totally radical but pointless


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