Justice League Unlimited S1 E10: “Dark Heart” Mini-Review

It’s the third OMEGA LEVEL episode, and by this point it’s getting kind of old.

Okay, which super villain took a super dump?

So an alien robot turd plops onto our planet and its nastiness is spreading like an immortal, self-replicating poop tornado.  The Justice League flies in en masse and John “Jammin” J’onnz calls up the military to announce that he’s firing the Zeus Cannon from Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within to stop the alien thingy from spreading.  Terrible decision!

The alien blob poops out these little metal critters that look like a Turret from Portal and Mouser from TMNT had a baby together.  There’s also these tiger-dog-robot things that once again overpower Superman in half a second.  I guess he’s still taking it easy and trying to prove to everyone that he’s not indestructible and all-powerful.  He’s trying a little too hard, though – every episode he takes one on the chin and gets defeated for a bit.

Booster Gold stands toe to toe with the other heroes!  Batman’s talk with him must have verified his story about saving the world the other day, because he’s on the front lines with Dirk the Daring and Cowboy Man, or whoever those guys are supposed to be.  Anyway, Booster is getting some action and doesn’t get knocked down (unlike Elongated Man)!

This episode is all about The Atom saving the day, geeking out about nanotechnology and every single hero stupidly swatting at the little bug critters instead of trying to knock out the source: the giant unmissable alien blob-thing that’s sitting right there the whole time.  Batman fires some ice missels at it one time, but nobody bothers to attack it after that.  The whole point of the dangerous mission that The Atom takes on to get into the blob and stop it could have been helped by EVERYONE if they just let the robo-critters go and focused on the big blob thing.  Anyway…

Overall the Justice League shot itself in the foot by revealing they can LAAAAY-ZOR the crap out of any city in the country, and by showing time and time again they can be easily defeated by a clever plan by the enemy.  I’m sure the Army / Cadmus takes notes every single time they show up and fight together, so I am expecting the entire League to be dismantled by Cadmus somewhere in the future.  Heck, even the Wonder Twins were pretty good against them last episode, so why not mass-produce a clone army and set them on the Jedi Temple…I mean…Watchtower.

Speculation aside, this episode was okay.  Waste of an “omega level” threat for an alien turd that ‘could’ wreck the planet but was contained to a desert where nobody died except one single rock climbing guy.  Even the girl from the beginning gets away.  Lame.

6 / 10 who gives a craps


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