Justice League Unlimited S1E9: “Ultimatum” Mini-Review

Damn!  This episode got real dark real quick.

We are introduced to ‘The Ultimen’ – a merry band of heroes that annoy the Justice League and sell merchandise to the general public.  Awesomely – they are rebrands of the original Super Friends heroes, including Wonder Twins (showing us how freaking awesome Jayna and Zan could have been).  I think the writer had a hard-on for the Wonder Twins, because they are featured more than any other of the Ultimen.  The group flies around stopping crime and calling each other “chum” and other super 1950s stuff.

Plot twist!  Just when we are getting to know the kooky super team, we find out: 1) they are pod-grown constructs, 2) they are dying due to genetic freakiness, 3) their clones are ready to take over!  Freaking awesome!  Everybody gets jaded and the super niceness goes straight out the window.

The episode ends with the JL turning over most of the Ultimen to Cadmus, and Amanda Waller and Batman have a stand-off where she reveals she knows his secret identity (or maybe she just has a thing for name-calling).  Batman looks shocked, and rightly so!  A member of a top-secret government organization that experimented on and created superheroes totally knows that he is Bruce Wayne?  It’s over, folks.  Now you don’t have to be Zatana, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, etc to know it.  I blame all the Leaguers who constantly call him by his real first name.  How many times does WW have to call out “BRUCE!” during battle before somebody rubs two braincells together and figures it out?

I had a great time waxing nostalgia for the Super Friends and enjoying the Ultimen’s descent into darkness.  There seems to be some momentum moving towards a Cadmus sub-plot lasting the entire season, but overall I am sad that everything has to wrap up in one 22-minute episode.  They’re really cramming everything in there.

8 / 10 WonderTwin Powers actually rocking


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