Justice League Unlimited S1E8: “The Return” Mini-Review

The full force of the entire Green Lantern Corps AND the Justice League are combined for the first time (so far)!

An android…made of custard and Kamina shades?

Full mobilization – that’s what the Justice League goes into AGAIN (seriously, two all-out episodes with every obscure character helping out!) as the evolving android Amazo comes back to Earth to exact revenge on Lex Luthor.

I must have missed the episode in JL where Amazo was used and abused by Luthor, but what’s really apparent from the get-go is that this android cannot be stopped.  Everybody pulls out all the stops to slow the robot down, and most of the episode has Luthor running to a secret, superhero-proof bunker to create a weapon capable of hurting it.  What I loved about this episode is how the League now operates.  Martian Manhunter is in command, putting tiers of superheroes in space, in upper atmosphere, and on the ground.  They grab Luthor and attempt to keep him safe.  However, he has other plans.

In Justice League, there was an episode where the writers transitioned Lex Luthor from the ‘untouchable businessman who secretly is a villain’ into full out super villain.  They did this by giving him a terminal disease caused by prolonged Kryptonite exposure – motivation enough for him to try to quickly (and openly) destroy the League.  This episode transitions him to different level: a man who has learned his lesson and no longer pursues crime or vengeance on Superman.

I really enjoyed where this episode took us – killer robots from outer space, no hope but wits, guile, and a lowly human to save the day.  Once again (just like the previous episode) the writers took a flawed, very relatable character who is completely unlike the big three – Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman – and saves the day his very own way.

10 / 10 Watchmen-esque endings


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