Justice League Unlimited S1E7: “The Greatest Story Never Told” Mini-Review

The ‘one-off’ structure of JLU, as opposed to the ‘two-parter’ method of Justice League, is great for introducing and making the audience care about new super heroes.

Skeet Skeet!

Booster Gold.  He’s a joke, he’s a fraud, and we get to see the depths of his character without another boring origin story.  This episode is awesome!

First off we meet Booster, who has a ton of flaws.  Most people in the JL are typed as ‘Gods’ who have to be taken artistic licences with for them to be remotely interesting.  Now here’s a guy who is simply in the hero game for the money, women and fame!  There’s so much for him to overcome and grow, etc.  He bums around with fellow jobber Elongated Man – who runs second fiddle to the more well-known Plastic Man.

When the entire Justice League is called to stop a magical foe, crap heroes like Booster are put on ‘crowd control’.  Booster and his robotic sidekick Skeet discover another deadly threat (a walking black hole) and try to stop it alone.  Along the way it seems everything (including stopping to help a pregnant woman delivering her baby) is out to stop Booster from completing the mission and becoming a great hero.

Booster constantly complains, makes terrible decisions and relies on his robotic fanboy companion far too often.  Compare that to Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman (who all make appearances).  This episode made Booster really relatable and totally likable.  It had comedy and lots of obscure character fan service.  At the end when Booster saved the day (and no one cared or noticed), I really wanted to see more.  The man deserves his own series!

10 / 10 best episode so far


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