Justice League Unlimited S1E6: “Fearful Symmetry” Mini-Review

Okay, we’re getting back to decent episodes.

My boob window is superior!

Supergirl, Green Arrow, and The Question uncover one of (I’m sure) many conspiracies surrounding Star Labs, Cadmus, and the government (or someone) wanting to get a leg up on the Justice League.  Supergirl has been having dreams where she hunts and kills people, and guess what?  Those dreams seem to be actual memories.

I enjoyed the side characters in this one.  Unlike the last episode where everything was a joke (see: Men In Black 2 and why it sucked), this ep is pretty serious with insanely fun moments that pop up every now and then.  The Question gasses a suspect while blasting annoying pop music in his car – and later he sings the same song a capella while breaking into Star Labs.  Totally wacky!  The big difference between one comedic moment now and then and having Batman chasing a pig the entire episode is a good rule for comedy.  LESS IS MORE.  You can kill a joke by making 10 other jokes in the build up.  This one does it right.

SuperGirl winds up fighting a clone of herself wearing the PowerGirl outfit.  Awesome…but who cares?  Not me.  Now I’m wondering “okay, now that they have proven to clone a Kryptonian, why not clone it 100 times over and have an army of clones?”  The consequences for this episode can be far-reaching.  Green Arrow is around but doesn’t do anything in this episode.  He’s just there to dodge SuperGirl’s damage.

6 / 10 No More SuperGirl Plz


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