JLU S1E3: Justice Babies

Another solid episode with a dark twist!  What starts out as a generic device to get the Justice League core turned into little kids continues in typical fashion with action and fanservice.

Mordred has banished all the adults from the world with MAGIC, which is always a deus ex machina in the comic book world.  Need a character brought back from the dead?  MAGIC!  Need Superman brought down a peg for a story arc?  MAGIC!  Even in the Mortal Kombat VS D.C. Universe video game, Superman utters “Ugh, Magic?!” as the justification for why he isn’t as strong is laid down.

The Justice Kids are pretty funny – leading me to wonder: why not do a spin-off?  It worked for one glorious episode, why not 12 more?  I think the best part of it was that each character adopted a slightly different personality while staying true to themselves.  Wonder Woman became a bossy, sassy lassy.  Green Lantern was a total nerd.  Superman…still sucked.  Throw in a Nanny character like The Anti-Monitor or something and the series writes itself!

The end of this episode has a dark twist.  I remember watching this one when it came out and the part where Mordred appears as an immortal invalid really freaked me out.  Imagine being old, handicapped, drooling…FOREVER.  Ugh!  That’s one of the worst ways to go, and the Justice League didn’t even know how bad they screwed him.  I wonder what Morgana would have done with the amulet instead.  In fact, what the hell was the amulet anyway?  It was described as “the source of all magic on Earth” or something.  Did it come from Magic China, where it’s a dime a dozen?  it looked cheap.  Even Baby Etrigan was able to break it with one chomp.

This is one of the episodes people talk about because it’s just so weird.  It breaks all the usual restrictions when the core JL come together, yet it plays just the same as every other generic one.  There’s lots of implications about ‘what would happen if all adults disappeared?’ and how children behave when they’re at their worst.  The funny thing is, once Mordred is king of the world, he’s totally bored with it.  The same thing happened in the one episode of Pinky and the Brain where they finally took over everything.  HO-HUM.

9 / 10 Muppet Babies theme songs running through my head


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