JLU S1E1: “Initiation”.

Here’s my review of Justice League Unlimited’s first episode.  I didn’t watch the original run (back in 2004) so everything is totally new (to me).

Green Arrow is pretty much John McClaine from Die Hard – the regular guy who saves the day without special powers. I guess he’s an extremely good shot…does that count?
It’s kind of like when Batman revealed his super power: he never gives up. Also super money, and super planning. And SUPER MELANCHOLY.

The plot revolves around an unnamed Asian country (North Korea) who developed a radioactive fire robot to defend against foreigners. It goes haywire, and the military tells JL members that ‘everything is under control’.  SuperGirl takes up her cousin’s mantle for getting crap kicked out of her (every episode needs someone with super vitality so they can get hit by the bad guy).

I learned that Captain Atom is just a bunch of nuclear energy in a suit. He’s more of a suit than a man. Weird. So at the end of the episode where they’re making him a new suit, they could totally make the suit have a boner, and he’d just have to live with it. Captain Boneeeeeer to the rescue!

Overall the episode was pretty boss. Tons of heroes, little of Superman, and the formation of the UN of superheroes – complete with a small ruling council – just like in real life!

7 / 10 would bang


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