Top Five Mirror Matches

To face yourself is to know yourself. Chad lists both his Top Five Mirror Matches and the Top Five “Face Yourself” Tropes in video games.

#5 –
#4 –
#3 –
#2 –
#1 –

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4 Responses to Top Five Mirror Matches

  1. coffeepotz says:

    No Dark Link?!

  2. Sorry, I’m a Genesis Kid. – chad

  3. coffeepotz says:

    I was too. Thats why Sonic 3 holds so many good memories. But, You fight dark link in Ocarina of Time as well.

    • I didn’t really like OoT, too busy with PSX RPGs when it came out. I had meant to mention Shadow Link / Dark Link when mentioning ‘your shadow’ from Prince of Persia, but forgot to. Ah well. – chad

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