Top Five Ambiguous Endings in Video Games

Gamers love to hate an ambiguous / open ending, but I really dig using my imagination and wondering “What Next?”.


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2 Responses to Top Five Ambiguous Endings in Video Games

  1. iamspacegiraffe says:

    I finished Beyond Good and Evil myself quite recently and was incredibly moved by the whole game and the ending certainly left an impression on me. Apparently the sequel is definitely in the works so fingers crossed we’ll see it soon!

    My personal favourite ambiguous ending in gaming is from the point and click adventure ‘The Longest Journey’. Check it out if you’re so inclined but it’s (as the title suggests) a very long game.

    The sequel ‘Dreamfall’ is pretty cool too but it ends on a cliffhanger and the developers Funcom have been working on the new MMO ‘The Secret World’ instead of finishing the story. At least Mass Effect 3 has an ending! So many other game stories never get finished!

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